Brief 1 -The Brief


You have been given a word at random. 

You are now required to research that word and find six different, yet tangible, examples of it.

You should consider how your word relates to the following list of adjectives. These are only suggestions,however, and you can also use others. 

Sensitive, Musical, Religious, Political, Huge, Artistic, Hot, Fantastic, Powerful, Horrific, Regal, Universal, Light, Sharp, Tiny, Rebellious, Natural, Supernatura,  Soft, Written, Ridiculous, Colourful, Humorous or Ancient. 

As a starting point, and in order to really understand your word and its connotations, you should find thelongest dictionary definition of it. It is important to look at associated words and phrases.


Your final six images should be mounted on one A3 (297mm x 420mm) sheet of lightweight card.Each individual image should not exceed 100mm x 100mm square.

Whilst this is predominantly an image-based visual brief, you are also required to present two further examples of your word – one must be a three dimensional item and one must be a sound.