Brief 6 – Brief


You are to create an alphabet. But an alphabet that doesn’t actually contain any letters!

Instead, you are to look for and discover items, objects and things that look like and resemble the26 individual letters that comprise the alphabet. Your objects can be of any size (big or small), may be natural or man made and could be found indoors or outside?

All of your objects must, however, have something in common. Your alphabet must have a theme, and it is entirely up to you what this theme is. You will take photographs of the objects, and these photographs will become your final outcome.

In order to prove your final outcome works as a typographic font, you must also select three words that are related to your chosen theme and create them using the letters taken from your final alphabet.


You should create an alphabet consisting of at least 26 letters. The alphabet should be produced using photographs that you have taken yourself, and cropped and edited to aid legibility and recognition and to ensure a high standard of finish. Your final alphabet should be printed on one A3 piece of paper. Take time to plan and arrange your letters and present them on the page in a considered and accurate manner.

You are also to produce three words, relevant to your chosen theme, and created from letters in your final alphabet. Each word should be printed on one A4 piece of paper.