Brief 5 – The Brief


You’ve lost your pet.

You’ve. Lost. Your. Pet!


Noooooo! Woe is me! All hope is lost!! etc., etc…

You get the idea?

For this brief you are required to write an advert pleading for the immediate return of your beloved dog / cat / tortoise / goldfish – basically the cute (or not so cute) and cuddly (or not so cuddly) creature that your life is simply meaningless without.

Using your copywriting skills, we want you to attract as much attention and interest to your advert as possible. This project is designed to explore the power of the written word, and we want it to be your copywriting alone that helps attract attention rather than any images that you may use. You can include images in your outcome, but these should only ever support the text and not be the primary focus of attention. Your copy can be as long or as short as you want or need it to be, and your final advert can be of any size.

Think carefully about how you will raise awareness of your pet. Do you need to warn the public?

Do they need to be looking under their sofa, over the fence, down on the pavement or up in the sky?

Does your copy need to be sharp, or perhaps more soothing? 

How do you describe your lost pet? Is it big or small? Feathered or furry? Skittish or scary? Creepy or cute?

A very important factor to decide upon is where your advert is going to be placed. Outside or inside?

At a specific location? Is it printed on paper or viewed on a screen? The answers to these questions will depend very much upon what your message is exactly – and that will ultimately depend upon what your pet is. Dogs and cats may be the obvious choice, but do they offer the potential for a captivating and unexpected outcome? Do you need a more captivating and unexpected pet to start with?

No matter what your pet, you solution will be more engaging and appealing to readers if it includes a degree of wit and humour within the copywriting.


Your final solution will be your finished Lost Pet Advert.

The final size is up to you, and it should be mounted on A3 lightweight card. Consider showing us photographic evidence that you actually produced your advert and displayed it an appropriate location.